Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dairy writing sample 30/7/15

24.8.15 week 6 art On Friday we stared our custom I think my bubble wrap thing for my cocoon went mint because it was easy to sailatap  the bubble wrap  because  Eva's mum help and it was super easy. The thing that didn't go well is when sailertap the ends by my self and I have to keep losing the end of the sailertap it was so annoying because you needed to have more than one sailertap. And the thing that I am going to do my butterfly wing because it's going to be half cocoon and half butterfly next. I feel about my art that it's going well because I did a lot last Friday. 

Week 2 Last week we learned to do some paper manipulating it is when you lean to use to make paper deteriorates we had a challenge to do a monster foot everyone had to do it and you had to make it 3d my one didn't go as planed because wanted it to it bigger the thing good was my hair I did for the hair on the legs are called fringe and on the foo
This is my wearable art plan that I made  
The thing that was bad I did 3 copy's because one copy I didn't like it and the other copy I made a mistake I did 2 wings in stead of a wing and a cocoon the thing that went well that I read books to find some wings that I like I think my costume is going to go good because it as plenty of butterfly's and caterpillar stuff and cocoon  my name for my wearable art is colourful 

this is my costom fished tarda i didnt like like how the caterpiller body fall down when i walk because i slips down my soulder. and i like my butterfly wing is decerated if sparkels and featers